The changes that have been made to KRUK S.A.’s office spaces aim to encourage employees to work more closely together, carry out joint projects, support each other in their daily operations, and learn from each other when they return to work on-site (whether permanently or in a hybrid model). “One of our client’s most urgent needs was to have an office that supports focused work. KRUK’s employees are now able to focus better than ever at their work because we have furnished the client’s office with acoustic pods which — thanks to their special design and the feature of sound-absorbing materials — muffle the sound coming from inside the pod and provide effective protection from the noise generated outside, in the surrounding environment. With this solution, the source of noise is isolated and people are able to concentrate better inside the pod while e.g. performing their tasks or making a phone or video conference call.” - from Wrocław.

Project coordination:
Project year: 2022
VANK products used in the project: