Client: blox AG & Zibris AG
Interior design: blox AG
Year of the project: 2023
Products used in the project:

Blox is a company based in Rothenburg, Switzerland that offers consulting services to architects, interior designers, and investors for office furnishings. They also distribute innovative products within the interior design industry.

Blox Workspace is their coworking space that provides modern and fully equipped workspaces in the Lucerne metropolitan area, with easy access to public transport and its own car park. The facility also includes an event space called The Room, which is operated by partner company Zibris AG.

In addition to these amenities, Blox Workspace also offers catering services with lunch menus and an in-house fitness center. Inspiring spaces are equipped with single and customized, multi-person VANK acoustic booths, acoustic solutions made of biomaterials, mobile office walls, soft seating, desks and swivel chairs, as well as a modular furniture system made of eco-friendly materials such as hemp and flax.